solution1​ The Synsei solution provides a means of obtaining ECG, heart rate, and health status information non-invasively and in an easy to evaluate form for multiple fetuses and for the mother. The system also determines fetal position/movement, and uterine contractions. Because signals are collected separately before any averaging, direct information can be obtained on continuously monitored signals.  The unique design allows for monitoring from 24 weeks onwards, and possibly earlier. The electrodes are configured to provide an easily portable and removable arrangement, making monitoring simple and straightforward for point-of-care, portable, remote, and mobile use.  Maternal ECGs and ECGs from multiple gestations are readily separated and monitored simultaneously. Mobile and remote connectivity is planned using smart watches, smart phones, tablets, and cloud-based solutions with a very intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

The technology is protected under US issued patents:  US6,751,498 and US7,869,863